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Need a car loan? Seneca, SC loan companies are ready to evaluate you for auto financing. You can complete an application in three minutes of your time, and we boast some of the best acceptance rates in South Carolina.

Seneca SC Auto Loans

Having a good credit score may be fabulous. Unfortunately, it is hardly common to find a car shopper whose credit has no imperfections.

Our lenders and auto dealerships care more about your present income than your credit. As long as the monthly payments are manageable, we can usually get you financed. And remember that this is is one of the better strategies to repair your credit.

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Next let’s review budgeting. The typical income in Seneca is $27,047 per year, or $2,254 every month. You should commit 10% or less of this amount for your car loan. That means Seneca used auto loan payments should be approximately $225.

You are probably asking yourself: do these lenders require down payments? If you can offer a down payment, do so. There are no down payment car loans in Seneca, SC, but down payments are always really helpful. Many dealerships are looking for down payments of 10 to 20%. For a vehicle that costs $9,467, this is $947 to $1,893.

Buy Here Pay Here Auto Loans in Seneca (SC)

More and more consumers are financing cars through in house financing dealers in Seneca, aka buy here pay here financing. But there are several things you have to consider. For instance, it’s widely known that these dealerships have a number of shortcomings:

  • Down Payments: Required
  • Interest Rates: Extortionate
  • Payments: Every Week

Allow us to find you an auto loan in Seneca, SC with:

  • Lower Rates
  • Less Money Down
  • Lower Payments

Auto Dealerships and Auto Finance Companies in Seneca, SC

  • L & M Performance Cars, 1785 Blue Ridge Boulevard 29672
  • Lake Keowee Chrysler Dodge, 1637 Sandifer Boulevard 29678
  • Leader Ford, 859 By Passage 123 29678
  • Oconee Auto Sales, 201 West North 1st Street 29678
  • Performance Chevrolet Buick GMC, 305 By Passage 123 29678
  • Performance Cycles Yamaha, 329 By Passage 123 29678

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