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If you are searching for a new or pre-owned car or truck, our Pelzer, SC auto finance companies and auto dealerships are very helpful. With respect to auto financing in Pelzer, good prospects meet the following guidelines:

  • $1500 Monthly Income (Pelzer Residents Average $3,124)
  • Sensible Amounts Committed to Rent/Mortgage
  • Solid Employment

Any history of credit can submit an application. Down payments are not considered necessary.

Pelzer SC Auto Loans

Favorable credit results in the best rates of interest. Unfortunately, it is rare to find a car shopper whose credit file is perfect.

But when you apply online through us, your past credit is only that…past. Pelzer no credit check dealers aren’t the best solution. We get you approved at much cheaper APR rates.

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Believe it or not, a lot of car dealers and lenders do not want you to invest too much when getting a vehicle financed in Pelzer. This is because it worsens the probability of defaulting, which certainly is a problem for both the lender and the borrower. In most cases, it’s best if your monthly payment represents only 10% of your monthly income.

Pelzer’s car buyers get paid approximately $37,492 each and every year. Here is a quick assessment of a typical Pelzer consumer’s auto loan budget:

Earnings Per Year

Income A Month


Vehicle Amount

  • $37,492

  • $3,124

  • $312

  • $13,121

Have you thought about a down payment? It’s a good idea, especially when you have your heart set on a new car. Cars and trucks, especially new ones, do not appreciate like a home or other property. In fact, they lose value each day you drive them. A down payment will help prevent you from being upside down on your car loan. Having said that, Car Loans South Carolina has dealerships offering zero down payment car loans in Pelzer, SC. For shoppers who can supply a payment in advance, 10-20% is standard. If your car is priced at $13,121, this is an advance payment of $1,312 to $2,624.

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Cars Without Credit Check in Pelzer (SC)

No Credit Check Car Loan in Pelzer South Carolina
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The following types of auto dealers often offer auto financing in Pelzer with no credit check:

  • Buy here pay here dealers in Pelzer
  • Tote the note dealerships in Pelzer
  • Your job is your credit dealers in Pelzer

Why don’t we get you approved for the cheap car you want without worrying about the disadvantages associated with Pelzer buy here pay here lending. An auto loan established through Car Loans South Carolina can improve your credit ratings. That’s because our dealers update the credit bureaus.

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