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Sure, your score is not 790. But this does not always mean a car loan is out of the question. When you submit your application, we locate an auto loan in Bishopville, SC, that suits your price range.

Bishopville SC Auto Loans

Bad Credit, Need Car: Bishopville, SC

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Bishopville South Carolina
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Of Bishopville’s 13,426 residents, 4,028 have fico scores that are non-ideal or worse. Here at Car Loans SC, your past credit troubles are only that: past. With regards to bad credit car loans in Bishopville, there is no better choice than Car Loans SC.

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Auto Loans in Bishopville South Carolina
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Truth be told, a lot of car dealerships and loan companies do not want you to invest past an acceptable limit when getting a car or truck financed in Bishopville. This is because exceeding one’s budget worsens the probability of repossession, which certainly is damaging to the lender and the consumer.

Never spend too much on your Bishopville SC auto loans, bad credit or no. Just 10% of your monthly income should be devoted to your car loan.

Bishopville’s residents make approximately $26,193 per annum. Here is a quick analysis of a typical consumer’s Bishopville auto loan budget:

Salary Annually

Earnings Monthly


Auto Cost

  • $26,193

  • $2,183

  • $218

  • $9,169

You are probably asking yourself: do these lenders require down payments? If you have set aside money for a down payment, congratulations. There are no money down auto loans in Bishopville, SC, but providing a down payment will improve the chances of approval. The majority of dealerships will require down payments from 10 to 20%. For a vehicle that costs $9,169, this is $917 to $1,834.

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In House Financing Bishopville South Carolina
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More and more consumers are getting financed at in house financing auto lots in Bishopville, or buy here pay here financing. In house financing is becoming increasingly accepted. Why? Because credit ratings have been decreasing rapidly.

We’ll find you the bad credit auto loans you need with significantly better terms.

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