Does your Car Need a Nanny Cam when it Goes into the Shop? Or, Why You Should Never Buy a Chevrolet.

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A 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS owner in South Carolina had a suspicion that things just weren’t right when he, William Clark, was dropping his car off at Best Chevrolet-Kia in Easley, S.C. for what he describes as being a clunking and thinking noise in his ride’s six-speed manual transmission.  So, he pulled a secreted a voice recorder into his car’s door pocket before he took it in to be worked upon.

After getting his car back he gave a listen to his device and learned that the mechanics had done burnouts with his Camaro frying its clutch. Then the recorder caught the mechanics talking about how they could get Clark to pay for a new clutch. 

Amazingly, despite the evidence of his car being driven in 20 minutes than Clark had driven it in three years, the dealership was not all that keen on making things right only offering to reassess the damage or take the Camaro as a trade-in on another car. However, Clark wanted the dear to buy his car. As it stands now, there has been no agreement made between the two parties with even Chevrolet saying that it was a dealership issue, not a Chevy one.