Fake Testes = Real Jail in S. Carolina

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Though they’ve been hanging around since at least when Mitt Romney decorated his pick up with a pair back in high school, Truck Nuts have never truly been anything more than an unseemly gag. However, that has changed in at least one southern corner of the good ol’ U.S. of A. In Spartanburg County, South Carolina, Truck Nuts are more than a distasteful gag, they are illegal.

Pick-up driver Joe Cervantes-Rodriquez was recently pulled over in the county for letting his Truck Nuts dangle free and dangle proud. Unfortunately for the hyphenated named driver, his naughty nuts were just the beginning of his legal problems. It turns out that he was driving without a license, which, being a much hairier situation, resulted in Cervantes-Rodriquez spending the night in the county pen.  So if you need a car loan in Spartanburg, SC, we recommend you leave your Truck Nuts at home, unless you want to get intimate with local law enforcement.