Former GM Vice Chairman Lutz, 80, Out Push-Ups S. Colbert

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Bob Lutz has been a well-known alpha male in auto-industry circles for a good measure of decades. The octogenarian former General Motors vice chairman is such a sparkplug of energy and well-respected that he is still working on a semi-part-time basis as a barker for the Chevy Volt. Moreover, he continues to work as a paid consultant to any number of auto makers. 

However, despite all of these positives, 80 year olds are generally thought to be less fit than 45 year olds, Betty White be damned. But recently while on the Colbert Report, Lutz and SC-raised Stephen Colbert did battle in a push-up war, with the older Lutz emerging victorious.  Here at Car Loan South Carolina, we’d like to see our natives do better.  For shame, for shame.  But hey, we’re talking about THE Bob Lutz here.  Hey Stephen, in recompense why not give a shout out on air to all your hometown folks who need to get an auto loan in Charleston – they should visit us!